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27-May-2016 10:06

They truly are a gift from God in keeping up with regular and special orders, as well as helping with designing some of the "unique" requests we get. She helped bring the idea of the CHAT Bag to life from a sketch I drew on a piece of paper.Sally has sewn hundreds of CHAT Bags and without her CHAT Bag would never have gotten started.Colleen joined our team when CHAT Bag was taking off and getting busy!We needed to get more CHAT Bags made as well as design and create some special requests.So here’s how to block someone who isn’t in the Contact list. Paltalk provides free group video chat to connect you to pals, peers, and potential friends around the world.You may want to upgrade your child’s devices just for these features! As you may know Apple does offer some level of parental control for i Pods, i Phones and i Pads through Restriction settings.

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You can also remove any of the recommended sites if you’d like. Click Edit in the upper right, and then click the little red icon to unblock someone.

Be sure to use a 4-digit passcode that you will remember and your kids will not guess. In my testing, the device would not allow a visit to or

Also searching for “sexy pictures” with a Google search was blocked.

Once you’re in, you cannot get out (it’s kind of like Hotel California). Just block any user and they cannot send you a message or Face Time (or call you, if you have an i Phone). Go to Settings have to add someone to your Contacts just to block them. Find the name(s) you want to block and click the small letter “i” for their info. Scroll down the bottom of this info screen and click on “Block this Caller”.

In a lot of the pesky group i Message fiascos, an unknown entity is involved, like maybe a friend of a friend, or a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy.

This gives me the inspiration to continue on this journey to help others.