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The first four groups are wiped out or forced to abandon the island, the fifth group represent Ireland's pagan gods, Scholars believe the goal of its writers was to provide an epic history for Ireland that could compare to that of the Israelites or the Romans, and which reconciled native myth with the Christian view of history.

Lebor Gabála Érenn is also considered a "highly influential Middle Irish prose-and-verse treatise [...] written in order to bridge the chasm between Christian world-chronology and the prehistory of Ireland".

The most cost effective way of doing this for the engines is by collecting data from the users that already use their services.

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We know that a lot of data goes into Google, and we know a lot of useful manipulated data comes out. We know that Google has many algorithms to sort and organize its data. It also known that Google has many complicated spam filters, duplicate content filters, pattern detection algorithms, natural language interpreters, image recognition software, and loads of other complicated software.

It synthesized narratives that had been developing over the foregoing centuries.