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That is what awaits guests at this special dinner, which Gaggan Anand will prepare with Igor Grishechkin on December, 9th. We are proud to present you our new wine menu: more organics, bio dynamics and latest trends, new dividing structure by stylistics, not by usual geography or color.High "Subtle matters", modern "Keeping up with time", bright "Estrade", honorable "Conservatory" - in every part we've chosen only the best for you.

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Info&reserve: 7 812 41 20 60The most anticipated and exciting event is taking place in Cococo this summer!

To celebrate first grand anniversary, best Russian chefs will gather in Cococo. ) dinner alongside Dmitriy Blinov, Anton Isakov, Evgeniy Vikentiev, Artem Grebenshikov, Anton Kovalkov, Georgiy Troyan, Anton Abrezov and Andrey Kolodyazhniy.