Intimidating confidence

18-Feb-2016 11:23

When it comes to investing money, women could use an ego boost.A 2015 survey showed that women tend to lack confidence in money-related decision making, and other research found that only 22 percent of us feel "well prepared" to make financial choices.Overbearing traits make woman unapproachable and scary to men. We’re not saying that all men love to wear the pants in a relationship, but they like to be equal partners and have their opinion listened to and respected.Ladies with very headstrong personalities are seen as intimidating by lots of guys out there.A guy may find you really attractive and want to get to know you a little better, but if you are always with your girlfriends, it’s likely that he’ll never have the courage to approach you and let you know how he feels.Being beautiful can sometime believe it or not be a drawback when it comes to relationships."People make investing more difficult than it needs be," says Robert R.Johnson, Ph D, CFA, CAIA, president and CEO of The American College of Financial Services.

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"Figure Out Your Risk Tolerance One of the most important factors guiding your investment confidence is how comfortable you are taking risks with your money.Start Small and Diversify If you don’t have a lot to invest, that doesn’t mean you’re left out.