Validating duplicate records in asp net

24-Sep-2016 16:03

validating duplicate records in asp net-24

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To String 'compare with the id in Data Table or others If (Not id.

I can do that if the user is uploading the same excel spreadsheet.To String) It caused error msg: "Object not reference to any object" I only have 1 gridview (gv Data) which has been used to store Student records, but subsequently after the insert Student () is done, it will execute insert Contact() so I dont think it has caused any problem.please assist Hi germaine.tay, What you set in Data Key Names of Grid View?To String)) Then ' if it is exists, don't insert int Ret Value = Web Service.

From your code you get two fields from it, so you should set Data Key Names like this: Datakey Names="Student No, Hand Phone" (I suggest you can remove the space in field name such as Student_No, Hand_Phone) To get the value from them: gv Data.When the submit button is clicked, i want to validate for duplicate locations in grid view and then prompt the user the duplicate rows.