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21-Jul-2016 19:15

Definition: “Live inline validation” is where the validity of the user’s inputs are checked live as the user progresses through the form, as opposed to checking the inputs in a lump sum when the user submits the form.Now, our checkout benchmarks reveal that live inline validation has seen an explosive growth in adoption: in 2012, just 13% of checkouts had live inline validation, whereas in 2016, 60% had implemented it.Inline validation would have prevented both of the wasted error page reloads.4) Less likely to unintentionally skip required fields.A test subject tabbed through this form at AEO, and upon pressing “Review Order” received an error message because he had omitted his phone number.After inputting a number, and pressing “Review Order” again, he received another error message because the phone number wasn’t entered in the site’s desired format.This makes good sense since the general importance of live inline validation is well documented.

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While the point of live inline validation is to alert users of invalid inputs early on, overly aggressive Most people don’t like being told they are wrong – especially when they aren’t.

I always check a hundred times before I purchase anything.” and “I always check.

I just check on the card that the numbers are right.” The desire to preempt form errors is particularly strong if users have already received errors earlier.

users are presented with form validation errors and the pace and effort with which they are able resolve those errors.

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While the logic and wording of error messages are very important aspects of the user’s validation error recovery experience, our latest eye-tracking and usability testing shows that in order to perfect the user’s recovery experience, live inline validation must be used.Others test subjects explained similar behavior with statements like “I’m afraid to make mistakes.

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