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08-Sep-2016 10:30

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It is simply better than anything mobile networks have to offer.

Cape Town - Ever get that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve just fired off an angry or saucy Whats App message to the wrong person?

But it’s not foolproof - you only have seven minutes to delete your embarrassing messages after being sent.

With is launch, Black Berry had all the elements needed for a runaway hit: BBM was also not a drop-in replacement for SMS, though.

You had to have a Black Berry to use it, and you had to swap BBM PINs with people you wanted to communicate with.

Even though data wasn’t cheap in 2005, Mxit brought the cost of 160-character messages down from roughly 30c–80c, to under 1c.

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However, complex network billing systems meant that if you only sent a single message with Mxit, you would actually be billed 1c or 2c as a minimum. It only ran on devices that had a Java ME runtime, and mobile developers might remember the fragmentation horror that was.

Also, once a message has been deleted, the recipient will be notified, so they’ll know you were trying to save face. The feature works when sending text, voice notes, videos or photos.