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In Pakistan, female students have had acid thrown in their faces as a punishment for attending school.In Europe, Konstantina Kouneva, currently a member of the European Parliament, had acid thrown on her in 2008, in what was described as "the most severe assault on a trade unionist in Greece for 50 years." The most notable effect of an acid attack is the lifelong bodily disfigurement.The organisation was founded in 2002 and now works with a network of six Acid Survivors Foundations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Uganda that it has helped to form.Acid Survivors Trust International has helped to provide medical expertise and training to partners, raised valuable funds to support survivors of acid attacks and helped change laws.The media overwhelmingly avoids reporting acid attack related violence; if covered, the description of the attack is laconic, and often implies that the act was inevitable or even justified.For example, such attacks usually leave victims handicapped in some way, rendering them dependent on either their spouse or family for everyday activities, such as eating and running errands.1079290) provides specialist support to its sister organizations in Africa and Asia.

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to help other survivors with psycho-social rehabilitation.The intention of the attacker is often to humiliate rather than to kill the victim.In Britain such attacks, particularly those against men, are believed to be underreported, and as a result many of them do not show up in official statistics.Many countries look to Bangladesh, whose rates of attack have been decreasing, as a model, following their lead in many legislative reforms.

Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been formed in the areas with the highest occurrence of acid attacks to combat such attacks.

Additionally, the women reported lowered self-esteem according to the Rosenberg scale and increased self-consciousness, both in general and in the social sphere.